Elizabeth Lauten Follows Cruel Remarks About First Daughters Malia and Sasha With Classless, Cold Apology

After President Obama pardoned this year’s turkey, while his daughters looked on, Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, turned to the internet to criticize the first daughters.

Lauten belittled President Obama’s daughters, Malia 16 and Sasha, 13, for their clothes, body language and facial expressions at the pardoning ceremony.

Lauten then made things even worse by posting a cold, half-hearted attempt at an apology, in which she fails to use the words I’m sorry. Lauten said she realized how hurtful her words were after she prayed for hours.

As a communications director Lauten should have understood that the first daughters are children and should not be scrutinized or embarrassed publicly, reports the Washington Post.

I she doesn’t like President Obama she is free to criticize him in any manner that she sees fit, but have respect for his underage daughters. Feel free to criticize the president’s policies, decisions and actions, but don’t attack his children.

Don’t pick on Sasha and Malia because they rolled their eyes at their dad’s joke. What child hasn’t rolled their eyes at something their parents have done or said?

Back when President Clinton was in office, Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton a dog on his show. She was only 13 at the time, which is already an awkward time for kids. Remarks like these can scar a child and damage their already vulnerable self-esteem.

Lauten and Limbaugh’s comments aren’t funny, or helpful, they are just plain cruel and hurtful.

When Lauten wrote about Sasha and Malia’s dresses, she stated they’d ‘earn a spot at the bar,’ a clearly inappropriate statement to make about underage girls.

Right now short skirts are in style and when you are a young girl one thing you want to be is in style. There was no cleavage displayed, both wore long sleeves and Malia even added tights to her skirt. At most schools across the country this would be appropriate dress.

Lauten was hit with a firestorm of criticism so she posted what she called an apology. In the apology she said she prayed for hours, but there was never an I’m sorry for what she posted, reports Forbes.

Since the incident a Facebook page and online petition calling for Lauten to resign, or for Fincher to fire her have been created.

This type of behavior in the end is not reflective on those being made fun of, but the bully who is harassing them.

“I’m a believer in a thick skin as a survival tactic….I have the indubious honor of being compared to a dog as a 13-year-old by Rush Limbaugh. That was not about me, that was about him,” wise words from Chelsea Clinton.

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