Rams’ Rodney McLeod Respects Teammates For ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Ferguson Tribute

Rodney McLeod, of the St. Louis Rams, says that he had know idea that his fellow teammates had plans to throw up the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ sign but is glad they did it. According to TMZ, Mcleod has much respect for the stand they took to acknowledge shooting victim Michael Brown and the actions of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Safety Rodney Mcleod continued that know one knew anything about the five teammates’ plans to show the gesture at the game, and that everyone on the team is fine with it. He also adds that the players have respect for the differences of opinion about the Michael Brown/Ferguson case.

“Nobody knew about it.() It speaks to the character of those guys to stand up and do that in front of the country.”

Rams’ star Rodney McLeod also stated that there was no underlying tension in the locker room behind the scenes.

“No tension at all()[the other players on the team] realized [the wide receivers] didn’t mean any harm.() It’s one of the strongest locker rooms I have ever been in. Our whole team is tight. Our locker room is even tighter.”

The ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ tribute is expected to creep up, not only at games among team players but in every facet of pop culture. Some speculate that the gesture could also become a dance as Americans continue to fight for justice and bring awareness to the mainstream public regarding racial profiling of blacks or African Americans. It is a sign that many are not ok with what has taken place in Ferguson, and the unrest is not something that is expected to be forgotten or soothed over any time soon.

Though many find the St. Louis Rams’ ‘Hands up, Don’t shoot’ gesture respectful and dignified, others became indignant and were immediately outraged by it.

According to NESN, the “Time OUT Sports Bar & Grill” announced on their Facebook page that they would no longer be supporting the St. Louis Rams and called the gesture a ‘bone headed act.’ In addition, they will remove all pictures from their establishment and have discontinued the St. Louis Rams’ Happy Hour event. They later followed the post by stating that they believe in freedom of speech.

“We have to stand up to thugs who destroy our community and burn down local businesses, and boycott the other thugs/organizations who support them.”

Recently, Inquisitr reported that the St. Louis Police believes the Rams’ players should be disciplined for the outward display, stating that they have ignored evidence in the case.

(Photo Credit: Twitter)