Cathy's Kitchen: Local Residents Ban Together To Protect Local Restaurant From Vandalism And Looters During Ferguson Riots

Many businesses have been vandalized and plundered throughout Ferguson, Missouri in wake of the grand jury's decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. However, there are a number of local businesses that have managed to survive the destructive rioters. Cathy's Kitchen is reportedly one of those local establishments.

According to CNN, Ferguson protestors and local residents have banned together all week to protect the restaurant from looters and vandalism. The amazing feat is quite commendable considering the popular family-owned restaurant is located next to the Ferguson Police Department.

On the evening of Monday, November 24, as protestors began flooding the streets of Ferguson in following of the grand jury's decision, the owners, Jerome and Cathy Jenkins, immediately knew they had to shut the restaurant down indefinitely. So, they put a sign on the door that read, "Closed Until Further Notice!" Of course, a sign wasn't going to stop looters and rioters from vandalizing the building, but there was something that did prevent substantial damage.

Although Cathy had been notified about the restaurant being vandalized, there was a silver lining. A group of local Ferguson residents and protestors reportedly banned together and locked arms outside the restaurant to stand guard against rioters and prevent further damage. She also revealed she saw a video of the people standing guard after the riots began, however, she doesn't know who those brave people were until the following day.

"I wish I knew who they were," said Jerome Jenkins, "because I really would like to thank them." When Cathy and Jerome arrived to assess the damage, loyal customers had already taken the initiative to help clean up. A number of local residents also took to Twitter in support of the restaurant.

Although the Jenkins' didn't suffer nearly as much damage as most businesses in Ferguson, that doesn't mean there wasn't any damage at all. The restaurant still has minor repairs that need to be fixed. They now have a GoFundMe page set up to raise money to fix the damages. In the four days, they have raised more than half of their $22,000 goal.

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