What Do Military Veterans REALLY Look Like? Photo Project Reveals The Real People Behind Uniforms [Photos]

It is sometimes easy to forget that there are people with unique personalities and abilities behind the strict military dress of those serving our country. The Veteran Art Project hopes to tear away those misconceptions about those in uniform and show the diversity that exists in our armed forces community.

Whatever your opinion of the military may be, you most likely have some sort of stereotype of the type of person that joins the armed forces. Few of us actually take the time to consider that there are individual and unique people behind each and every uniform. Photographer Devin Mitchell, however, created a powerful photo project called The Veteran Art Project that examines the real people behind the uniform.

Mitchell uses photoshop to create images that show uniformed servicemen and servicewomen whose mirrored reflections reveal who they are – and vice versa. Mitchell stated that many military veterans feel like they are living double lives and he wanted to use this photo series to project those feelings.

“The military community has expressed their interest in using my art to communicate how many of them feel to be living double lives while serving in the military. People who have never served have shown interest in knowing more about the diversified aspects of what causes veterans to feel that way.”

Check out some of the photos and see if any of your military stereotypes are shattered. Be sure to view all of Devin’s photos at his Veteran Art Project Instagram account.

Were you surprised by any of the photos?

[Image Credit: Devin Mitchell]