Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey: ‘Broadway’ Queen Is Tired Of RHOA’s Negativity And Drama

Nene Leakes is over Real Housewives of Atlanta, and her relationship with former bestie Cynthia Bailey. Say what you wish about Nene, the woman is doing many things. She just debuted on Broadway’s Cinderella and woke up to rave reviews, according to She Knows. The Atlanta native was also astonished by the overwhelming support that she has received for her performance. According to Ms. Leakes, she enjoys working with other people on other shows because the atmosphere is more positive and upbeat, completely different from the vibe of the Real Housewives of Atlanta show.

Here is how she explained it in an interview with NBC-New York.

“Working on “Housewives” can be very negative at times. I think that’s the way (the producers) position the show. I’m the original — I’m the center of the show. Every season they want someone to come for me. It’s tough. Broadway is more about the work and the art. It’s being creative. And every one wants to go out there and deliver and put on a good show. It’s very positive.”

Fans of Nene Leakes are ready for the diva to have her own show. They are happy that she is ready to change and get away from the drama. But, while her fans feel that she is changing her tune, others say that she is the negativity, and that without her at the center of all the mess, the clouds part and the sunshine rolls in.

In another rare comment, the new drama-free Nene Leakes insinuates that “someone” on the RHOA cast changed once they received a raise in pay.

“The show has definitely damaged me to the point where I don’t want to make friends with new people. People who I open up, later on they turn on me once they get a raise on the show. I always think to myself, ‘God, these people will work for a $1.50 to do ANYTHING.’ I just can’t do it.”

Viewers of the show speculate that she was referring to model Cynthia Bailey. Bailey has not confirmed whether or not she received a raise in pay to up the drama level. But, the RHOA viewers have definitely seen a change in Cynthia Bailey this season. Some like the change, stating that it is about time she started standing up for herself. Others believe that she is “doing the most.” And that the new bad girl attitude is too over the top.

As Leakes remembers having some rather deep conversations about her personal life with Cynthia, she is regretful, but states that despite the problems she is still grateful to Bravo for everything.

“There are some things along the way that I wish I hadn’t said. Like when me and my husband had our issues, or some of the conversations I had with my son. But there aren’t things I really regret. The show has been amazing for me, and opened up many doors for me.”

Inquisitr reported last month that Phaedra Parks dreads viewing the new season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The new episode begins tonight on Bravo at 7 pm.