President Obama’s New Catchphrase: Change Is

In an attempt to remind his constituents that the Democratic President has brought about at least some change, President Obama has been rolling out a new mantra “change is.”

During a speech in New York on Wednesday the President of the United States used the “Change is…” catchphrase at least a dozen times. For example in his speech he stated:

“Change is the first bill I signed into law—a law that says … somebody who put in an equal day’s work should get an equal day’s pay.”

In another example the President noted:

“Change is health care reform that we passed after a century of trying.”

Conservatives and Liberals alike have been split on whether any real change for the better has occurred, since taking office the democrats have lost their majority and President Obama has lost much of the power needed to bring about any real change as partisan views have caused many milestone decisions to fall by the wayside.

In the meantime Friday’s message wasn’t the first time President Obama used the “Change is…” line, during a Nov. 14 speech in Hawaii he also tried out his new catchphrase during 10 different parts of his speech.

In speaking of the President’s change in tone a Democratic strategist revealed:

“It’s an effort to take back the mantel of change,” and “to circle back to the fundamental point of the ’08 campaign and to illustrate how that change has been accomplished.”

Do you think the “change is” mantra can catch on as the “Yes, We Can” phrase did in 2008?

[Image via Ryan Rodrick Beiler /]