Ferguson: A Defining Moment In Race Relations? Agitator Calls For 'Bloodshed,' Declares Some Will 'Have To Die'

Ferguson protestor Cat Daniels, along with a number of others, have caused quite a controversy following their recent statements during an interview with USA Today. The 53-year-old financial consultant has openly shared her disapproval of her generation's impact on their children's lives. Unfortunately, she feels her generation has failed, and the series of events that have ensued following the highly publicized death of Michael Brown has only made her perspective more evident.

Daniels, affectionately known as Mama Cat to younger protestors, feels that little progress has been made since the civil rights era, which is why the fight for justice continues today. "This is 2014, and we are still confronting the problems that our mothers and fathers confronted back in the civil rights era," said Daniels. "My generation came along, and we fed off what they did. We didn't fight and keep the fight going. Now, because we didn't keep the fight, our children have to fight."

Another avid protestor named Jay Daniels also shared his perception of the message America sends about the importance of African American lives when officers like Darren Wilson are not indicted. Now, as a result of the grand jury's decision, many are fighting back with a vengeance, which could unfortunately lead to the death of many. Potential martyrs in this defining moment are open to leading the new civil rights movement and reportedly aren't worried about the possibility of fatal consequences.

"Some people are going to have to die for the cause. It's sad to say, but this is the new civil rights movement for our generation, and there will be casualties and there should be bloodshed."
However, arguably many readers have a different perspective of Brown's death as a "defining moment." Although Brown was an unarmed, African-American teenager killed by a white police officer, many are viewing the fight for equality as the support of a "thug" who robbed a convenient store. Many readers have stated justice "would have been served" if the store owner had killed Brown instead of Wilson -- an officer allegedly just "doing his job." Others see the Ferguson protestors as agitators, inciting riots and havoc, instead of individuals partaking in a civil rights movement for justice.

Here's what some readers had to say:

"Justice would have been served if the shopkeeper Brown robbed and assaulted had pulled a pistol and shot the 6'4 drugged-out 300lb thug Brown dead on the store video... that would be justice... and save an innocent policeman trying to do his duty from being assaulted, beaten, having his career and life destroyed... and saved all the innocent Ferguson store owners from having their property looted and burned by mindless, violent, lawless criminal Democrats...It's all about skin color, when racists call a 'child' a 6'4 300 pound thug who robs and assaults an innocent little shopkeeper, then attacks, assaults, punches, grabs for the gun of a Cop..Brown was armed... with aggression, hatred, bad attitude, and a 300 pound body.."
"Starting a civil rights movement by supporting a thug criminal like Brown? Yeah that makes sense...NOT. Here's a movement for you - try to not commit crimes, push around shopkeepers, and attack cops," wrote Brett Guyer via USA Today.

"The ones who deserve to die are the communist/anarchist agitators. As they should, thanks to our second amendment given to us to fight this terrorism and tyranny," another reader wrote.

Do you think Michael Brown's death is a defining moment in civil rights? Share your thoughts.

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