November 17, 2020
Sommer Ray Gets Soaking Wet In Dangerous 'Dumba**' Shower Bikini Photos

Sommer Ray took a serious risk to get the perfect bikini shot this week. The Instagram model shared a series of photos with her 25.5 million followers on November 16 that showed her taking a chance on being electrocuted as water ran very close to nearby electrical cables.

The first photo featured the 24-year-old getting soaking wet in an outdoor shower with what appeared to be professional lighting equipment behind her. She tilted her head and placed a hand on her chest.

Sommer rocked a skimpy triangle string bikini with jagged orange stripes and black spots on a white background. The top plunged low at the chest to show plenty of cleavage and her tanned skin. She accessorized with vintage-style sunglasses with pink heart-shaped lenses and chunky gold chain necklaces alongside a matching bracelet and rings.

The second shot revealed the matching bottoms as she pulled the same pose. The bikini briefs had thin string ties over both of her hips and sat well below her navel to highlight her toned middle.

In the third snap, Sommer looked down and gave fans a better view of her loose bun and gold hoop earrings.

She continued to pose in the remaining photos as the water poured over her chest.

Sommer also included several shots that revealed the back of her skimpy bottoms, flashing her pert booty in the thong.

In the caption, she joked about the great lengths she went to to get the content and the last photo revealed her expression when she realized the water was running so close to the electrical equipment, showing her face when her "dumba**" realized the danger she was in. She gritted her teeth and sported a pretty shocked look for the camera.

Fans flooded the comments section with praise.

"UM GIRL...I think you can start a fire before those cords do!!! SHEESH," one person quipped along with several fire emoji.

"Loll looks hot though @sommerray," another social media user wrote.

"[Sideways crying laughing emoji] At that caption. You're absolutely gorgeous," a third comment read.

The dangerous upload has received over 1.25 million likes and 4,300-plus comments.

This new post came after she previously thrilled fans over the weekend with a series of cleavage-baring photos. Sommer posed pantsless in a plunging multicolored bodysuit, her hair in a high ponytail while she straddled exercise equipment.

"Kinda looks like i have some boobage in these," she captioned the shots.