Amazing Ping Pong Battle Takes Place On London Subway Platform [Video]

Entertainment in subway terminals is nothing new. In fact, it is expected. However, subway communters in London were in for a special treat when two passengers had an epic ping pong battle while waiting for the train. The catch: The ping pong battle took place without a ball or paddle.

In the video, you see two seemingly normal subway commuters waiting for a train. However, it is soon apparent that these two have a special talent. Instead of playing the air guitar, these two play air ping pong. The duo starts off relatively close and hit the invisible ball back and forth to each other. With their mouths they are able to make pretty realistic ping pong sounds and treat the other commuters to a full on invisible ping pong battle that is all caught on tape.

The game gets intense when the ball hits the ceiling and one player is forced to rush backwards to make his shot. The pair is now further apart, and the game takes on a whole new life. From rolling on the floor to bouncing off the surroundings, the ping pong battle kept passengers entertained and cheering. The game ends when one of the players misses his shot and falls to the ground.

Unfortunately, not all subways are blessed with entertaining passengers. Ask those who were seated on subway where a man slapped a girl for continuing to taunt him.

What do you think of the amazing subway ping pong battle? Should these two try to bring air ping pong to the world of sports?