Lorde Discusses How She Became Taylor Swift’s Manager For A Night [Video]

In a recent interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lorde discusses how she became friends with Taylor Swift.

In the interview, Fallon points out that Lorde and Taylor Swift have been seen at numerous events together, and seem to be forming a close relationship. Lorde says that the two are pals and that Swift is “lovely.” Lorde says the friendship began when Swift sent flowers to the singer’s house to congratulate her on all her success. She said the flowers were unexpected from Swift, and so she called her up to say thank you.

“I needed to know more. So yeah, we met up here in New York.”

Lorde says the pair met up at Shake Shack, a burger join in NYC, and hit if off. Lorde says she loves Taylor’s humor because “people don’t expect it” as it is “really dry.” She discussed a particularly funny happening with Swift at a pre-Grammy party. Lorde says that she was very nervous at the party, so she sort of clung to Swift when she arrived. The two were hand-in-hand at the party, and so one gentleman mistook Lorde for Swift’s manager.

“There was this guy and he wanted her to play at some event that he was having. So he talked to us for about 10 minutes, and she was obviously lovely about it. And then it kind of got to the end of the conversation and the man turned and say ‘So, I’ll leave my card. Is this your manager?’ and points at me. And just no beat passed and she’s like ‘yup.’ And all of a sudden I was Taylor Swift’s manager.”

Lorde notes that the man must have realized his mistake, when not even 30 minutes later she was performing on the Grammy stage, not as Swift’s manager but as a musical sensation all on her own right.

What do you think of the Lorde and Taylor Swift friendship? Is it an unlikely match?