What Would ‘The Star Wars: Episode VII’ Look Like If George Lucas Directed It? [Video]

In a parody video of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie trailer has hit the web. In the spoof trailer, we see what we could have expected from the latest Star Wars movie had George Lucas directed the new Star Wars film.

With over-the-top cheesy graphics, special effect,s and of course more laser beams and creatures, the Star Wars: Episode VII parody trailer has gone viral. The video was created by YouTube user TimTimFed and uploaded just yesterday. In only 24 hours, the video received over 472,000 views.

Many Star Wars fans got a good laugh looking at the Lucas rendition compared to the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, noting that the new version will be toned down significantly in the campy special effects department. However, some note that Lucas certainly had his place in Star Wars history, and that the prequels will hold a special place in their hearts, over-the-top effects and all.

Some went so far as to request that the ridiculing of Lucas please stop.

“This ridiculing of Lucas is out of control. The Episodes 1-3 were mostly great, almost as much as the original. But this new trailer from Abrams, seems very different. It doesn’t have the feel.”

Others think that the Abrams renditions will be far superior to anything that Lucas created his prequel series.

“This trailer shows off exactly why I’m happy that Lucas no longer calls the shots. He has made so many poor decisions and he not only made the prequels almost unbearable to watch (with the exception of some cool lightsaber battles) but he also added all the extra useless trash to the original trilogy. On what universe did any of that seem like a good idea?
I think that the new Star Wars will be FAR superior to the prequels, but being better than the old ones is unlikely.”

The highlight in the Lucas parody video for many fans seemed to be the mega lightsaber that featured a full six blades. What do you think? Were the Star Wars prequels by Lucas really that bad?