‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Spoilers: Who Seems In The Lead To Get The Gig?

Though Chris Soules’ The Bachelor 2015 season hasn’t started airing quite yet, fans are already starting to buzz about The Bachelorette 2015 season that will air in the spring. ABC won’t be announcing the lead for that one for some time yet, but there’s already plenty of speculation regarding who will be handing out the roses. How are things shaping up so far?

Typically, the new lead is someone who made the final four during The Bachelor, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have already dished out those details. However, at least on paper, Chris Soules’ final four is an interesting, bunch and most would say that a couple of the gals seem to be unlikely candidates to become The Bachelorette for Season 11.

Reality Steve’s spoilers speculate that the network will steer away from Becca Tilley, though many would think she would be an obvious candidate. Why not choose her? Steve’s The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she finishes in a position during Soules’ season that puts her in a complicated spot to turn around and find love in a season that starts filming right as her season as a contestant finishes.

However, many spoiler fans aren’t so convinced she can’t get the gig. The lead role has reportedly previously been offered to gals in similar spots to where Becca is said to finish, and she does appear on paper to be a great candidate for The Bachelorette. At this point, the buzz among spoiler fans is that they think Tilley should and could get the opportunity.

Who does Reality Steve think will be a likely candidate? He’s eyeing Britt Nilsson for the spot. Steve says that Britt was well-liked throughout filming. Though his Bachelor spoilers haven’t detailed quite yet how long she lasts during Soules’ season, it is believed that she will be around for a bit, perhaps about as long as Juan Pablo Galavis was during his season with Desiree Hartsock.

Since those behind the franchise have made it clear they plan to stick with show veterans for the new seasons, many wonder if there are previous contestants who could possibly swoop in to become The Bachelorette lead for the 2015 season. It’s not unusual to consider people from past seasons, as Arie Luyendyk Jr. was said to be a contender for this upcoming season, and of course, both Jen Schefft and Emily Maynard came back after “winning” their seasons.

However, there aren’t necessarily any great possibilities from the looks of things. Michelle Money is still happy with Cody Sattler, for example. Clare Crawley, from Bachelor in Paradise and Galavis’ season of The Bachelor, is a name many have tossed around as a possibility. Judging from how she was edited on Bachelor in Paradise, however, it doesn’t necessarily seem like she’d be considered. Another BIP star, Sarah Herron, has teased that she might be interested, but so far there are no signs that production is looking in that direction.

How about Galavis’ other ex, Nikki Ferrell? Some wonder if she would be approached, but it would seem unlikely. She made it clear that she didn’t like the attention and public scrutiny she encountered from being on The Bachelor. In addition, she didn’t seem happy to be back on reality TV with Juan Pablo during Couples Therapy. A recent Instagram picture would also seemingly indicate she’s got her attention focused elsewhere, and may not be interested or available to look for love on television again, even if the network were interested in her.

More Bachelorette spoilers will become available as Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor begins to air. Despite speculation about other possibilities, it would seem that Becca Tilley and Britt Nilsson are the most likely candidates at this point, and for now, fans will have to stay tuned.

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