November 17, 2020
Charly Jordan Squats With Jen Selter's Legs Wrapped Around Her Body In Workout Video

Charly Jordan teamed up with an equally fit friend to film a workout video that easily captured the attention of her Instagram followers.

The model and musician was joined by fitness influencer Jen Selter, who is famous for the shape and size of her glorious glutes.

The two stunning social media sensations aren't shy about flaunting their backsides, and they rocked nearly identical, eye-catching outfits that superbly displayed their pert derrieres. Their athletic sets consisted of sports bras and high-waisted leggings that were so tight that they almost looked painted on.

Thier bras were slightly different styles. Charly rocked a skimpy top with spaghetti straps and a bralette silhoutte, while her workout buddy opted for a design with wide shoulder straps and a zipper front that featured a round pull.

All of the pieces were bright red, and the vivid color drew the eye to the toned and curvy areas of the body that they covered. Both influencers completed their looks with pairs of practical sneakers.

Charly's Instagram post was a slideshow that included three photos of herself and her dark-haired companion laughing and smiling while they straddled a balustrade on a high balcony. In one shot, Charly stuck her tongue out while throwing a hand up in the air.

From their vantage point, the pals could enjoy a vista of rolling hills covered with trees and luxury homes. A stunning sunset was also a significant part of their backdrop.

Charly's final slide was the exercise video. She and her workout partner were shown stretching out before doing squat jumps with their peachy posteriors angled toward the camera. This was followed by standing side leg raises and standing leg pulses.

For their final two moves, they partnered up. Jen performed a wall sit, and Charly placed her feet on her powerful thighs. While her friend held her position, Charly did a few push-ups.

Next, the DJ showed off her lower body strength by performing a set of squats with her pal's legs wrapped around her waist. The added weight didn't seem to make her struggle at all.

The footage of the duo's "sunset pump" rapidly accumulated over 92,000 likes and a flood of messages from awestruck viewers.

"So beautiful girls," wrote one fan.

"Damn two baddies at the same time," another admirer commented.

"That color looks so good on y'all," opined a third netizen.

As covered by The Inquisitr, the two women were scantily clad in tiny swimsuits in a recent video filmed on the same balcony. Charly's pal was shown balancing on top of the parapet and wiggling her butt.