Is 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Getting Traded For NFL Draft Pick?

Coach Jim Harbaugh could be getting traded to a different NFL team in exchange for a draft pick.

This report came directly from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports on Sunday, as he made the suggestion that Jim Harbaugh’s future with the San Francisco 49ers will likely end in a way that many fans and critics did not expect.

“With a year left on his deal, the 49ers are expected to seek draft pick compensation in a trade of Harbaugh should he go the NFL route, while several colleges will approach him as well, most notably Michigan, where he played and has strong ties.”

Whether Jim Harbaugh will remain the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers or return to coaching college football has been discussed online and in the press for quite some time now.

Some rumors claim that Jim Harbaugh will stay with the team as long as they have a successful season. Other reports claim that he will leave because of the turbulent relationship that he has with the team’s front office.

In reference to that turbulence, La Canfora also states that the “bad blood” is expected to continue boiling between Harbaugh and the front office in the coming weeks.

“Many around the league anticipate more of the lingering bad blood between Harbaugh and the management and ownership of the 49ers to continue to boil over in the coming weeks, particularly if this team ends up merely playing out the string in December.”

The claim that Jim Harbaugh could end up being traded to a different NFL team in exchange for a draft pick shifts the train of rumors about his career’s future in a brand new direction all together.

How the San Francisco 49ers end the current season could play a major role in determining Jim Harbaugh’s future with the team as well as with the league overall.

According to Bleacher Report, Harbaugh could possibly land a contract extension if the 49ers finish the regular season with a 4-0 record and make an significant impact during the postseason. However, Harbaugh has reportedly “already rebuffed extension offers.”

When it comes to trading Jim Harbaugh for draft picks, reports claim that there are two NFL teams that are interested in Jim Harbaugh.

“The Oakland Raiders and New York Jets both are expected to, at the very least, inquire about Harbaugh’s availability in a trade. One NFL source is convinced the Raiders are the favorite to land Harbaugh, but the Jets also are known to be keeping a close eye on Harbaugh’s situation.”

To say that Jim Harbaugh’s record with the San Francisco 49ers on the field is impressive would be an understatement, reaching 43-16-1 since he was first chosen as the head coach in 2011. Harbaugh has been able to lead the 49ers to three consecutive NFC title games, and even took them to the Super Bowl in 2012.

It is clear that Jim Harbaugh has a reputation for being successful on the field. However, further reports show that his reputation for being difficult to work with from a player and management perspective could lead to him saying goodbye to the team.

[Image Credit: The Sports Crave]