Trey Ganem: Spray Painter Personalizes Caskets For Five Kids Killed In Fire [Pics]

Trey Ganem is used to customizing and spray painting hot rods in his garage located in Edna, Texas.

However, the owner of Ganem’s Garage and Trey Ganem Designs decided to take a break from working on cars for customers and opted to work on a passion project for the community instead.

Trey Ganem used his work space and spray painting skills to customize five caskets for children who died in a mobile home fire in the same city earlier this week.

9 News reports that Trey chose to personalize each casket to match the interests of each child.

Noah Ortiz, for instance, was a 15-year-old varsity football player at Edna High School. Ganem coated Noah’s casket in his school colors (blue and white) along with his jersey number 50.

Trey Ganem
Noah Ortiz

Thirteen-year-old Julian loved WWE professional wrestling, so his casket had that particular theme added to it.

Trey Ganem
Julian Ortiz

Nine-year-old Nicholas Ortiz loved video games, so Trey Ganem decided to line his casket with one of Nicholas’ favorite games, Call of Duty, as a theme.

Trey Ganem
Nicholas Ortiz

Both Hernandez sisters, 6-year-old Areyanah and 5-year-old Lilyana, loved different characters from the hit Disney movie Frozen. Trey Ganem decided to make their caskets special for them by featuring each of their own names topped with princess crowns.

Trey Ganem
Areyanah and Lilyana's 'Frozen' caskets

Trey Ganem opened up in an interview about his original intentions and primary goal for working on the five caskets.

“We want it to be more of a celebration of that person’s life. (We want) to give them a little bit of peace, that those were his babies. That represents my baby. That’s not just another box.”

The parents of the five children, 30-year-old Johnny Hernandez, Jr. and 32-year-old Annabel Ortiz, were welcomed by Trey Ganem to get a look at his finished gifts.

The fast-moving fire started in their mobile home at 5 a.m. on Tuesday. Reports confirm that their youngest son, 4-year-old Johnny Hernandez III, was the only child who survived.

Trey Ganem is not the only person from the Edna community that has shown their support in one way or another.

The Edna High Cowboys football team wore stickers with Noah’s jersey number on each of their helmets during their recent playoff game on Saturday, according to the Jackson County Herald-Tribune.

Nearly $50,000 were raised by late Saturday for family and funeral expenses through two separate GoFundMe campaigns, in addition to a fund that has also been established by a local bank.

Trey Ganem spoke openly about how the community (as a whole) was working hard to support the family in their time of distress.

“This community has pulled together like none that I’ve seen for this family.”

Funeral arrangements for the children have not been finalized yet, and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

[Image Credit: Trey Ganem Designs, YouTube & 9News]