Nordtrsom Shooting: Woman Dies Following The Attack

One day after she was shot at a Chicago Nordtrom’s on Black Friday, the shooting victim has passed away.

According to CNN, the Nordstrom’s reported via their Facebook page on the woman’s passing, stating, “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.”

The Inquisitr originally reported on the shooting, which took place while the woman was working at the high-end department store located on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The woman has been identified as Nadia Ezaldein.

Ezaldein was originally taken to Northwestern Memorial hospital where she was originally listed in critical condition. She passed away on Saturday.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the shooter was identified as 31-year-old Marcus Dee, an ex-boyfriend of the victim.

Chicago Police Chief of Detective John Escalante verified the nature of the attack, stating, “I can tell you it is domestic-related.”

WGN is reporting the couple has recently broken up, and that Dee had been terrorizing both Ezaldein and her family.

According to the police report, Dee originally approached the woman while she worked on Nordstrom’s second floor. The spoke for a moment before Dee took out a gun, shot the woman in the neck area, then turned the gun on himself. The shooter was found dead at the scene.

Violence is nothing new on Black Friday. Bargain hunting has regularly turned violent in recent years, as stores sell a limited amount of steeply discounted merchandise for limited periods of time.

In England this year, shoppers resulted to fisticuffs over deals. The Daily Mail reported that a Tesco store in Wembley reduced the cost of a 50″ HDTV from reduced the cost of a 50″ HDTV from £399 to 399 to £249. Shoppers elbowed their way through queues, fighting over the limited supply of discounted TVs.

Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy blamed the scrums on lack of proper staffing by the stores.

“The events of last night were totally predictable and I am disappointed that stores did not have sufficient security staff on duty.”

In the United States, one website has even tracked the violence. Black Friday Death Count has already logged the violence at the Chicago Nordstrom. The site lists nine deaths and 96 injuries resulting from Black Friday shopping since 2006.

While Friday’s shooting does not appear to be typical Black Friday violence, the incident did serve to shine a light on the topic yet again.