The ISIS Cookbook Issues Recipe Of Pancakes For The Active Terrorist – Ever Wondered What A Mujahedeen Eats?

The world’s most powerful terrorist agency today, ISIS, felt it necessary to cover the culinary aspect as well. The first ever recipe made publicly available by the ISIS was for “Date Mush Balls.” Its second recipe is a little more palatable and mainstream — pancakes.

The ISIS’s agency for women, Al Zawra, released the first of many recipes for the “hungry mujahedeen” fighting in Syria and Iraq. The first recipe, called “balls of date mush,” consisted of simple ingredients that can be found in every home, according to Al Zawra Media. The first-ever recipe is the kind of healthy treat which provides the hard-working warriors with the much-needed energy and the calories for a hard day of committing human rights atrocities.

This week, Al Zawra released the next recipe in their line of the “Jihadi cookbook” — pancakes.

However, this recipe, though simple, is explained in elaborate detail, complete with photos of each step, least the Jihadi women get it wrong and end up making their “brave” men go on the daily rampage on an empty stomach.

Al Zawra was created last month in order to prepare the females for the rigors of the “holy war.” The agency aims to “prepare sisters for the battlefields for jihad.” It is scouting for women who are “interested in explosive belt and suicide bombing more than a white dress or a castle or clothing or furniture.”

Its literature teaches skills such as learning how to sew and staying fit. However, more importantly, these women are reminded routinely of the importance of being useful in the kitchen, since “you are going to cook for Allah’s soldiers,” says the post.

Now the Zawra Institution, as the agency prefers to call itself, has released the first chapter of its cookbook to help the wives of Mujahedeen whip up the most savory recipes of the caliphate this season.

The Date Mush Ball Recipe Is Very Easy To Make And Contains Just Three Ingredients

The date mush recipe is easy to make and packed with calories, reported the Tribune Media Jihadist, the official forum of the ISIS. The platform clearly highlights the fact that the date mush balls are the best food to eat during a break in battle.

Extolling its virtues, the platform says, “It is a quick recipe for a mild appetite to be eaten with coffee or with water and eaten at any time, especially during the intermission in battles. They contain significant calories, and will extend the power and strength of the Mujahedeen, God willing.”

When not teaching women on the finer points of creating rudimentary eatables for the Mujahedeen, the ISIS has been abducting and executing hundreds of Sunni tribesmen in western Iraq recently.

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