General Motors Prepared To Recall Chevy Volt, May Buy Back Vehicles

Over the last week we have been reporting about an issue with Chevy Volt batteries that caused one vehicle’s battery to burst into flames after a crash test and now GM has announced that they are looking for a solution and will buy back any vehicles from customers who don’t feel safe with their new hybrid electric vehicle.

Speaking to the Associated Press a company’s spokesperson says they will recall the vehicles if needed and:

“If we find that is the solution, we will retrofit every one of them.”

As GM Chairman Dan Akerson points out:

[During testing] “the fire broke out seven days later. Not seven minutes. Not seven seconds.”

His statement was meant to show that the fire was not the fault of an immediate crash. Researchers believe a chemical reaction caused by a damaged battery may have led to the fire.


According to the company OnStar immediately notifies GM works of any crashes and they are immediately sent out to drain the car’s battery. As Akerson points out:

“I think in the interest of General Motors, the industry, the electrification of the car, it’s best to get it right now than when you have—instead of 6,000—60,000 or 600,000 cars on the road.”

If you happen to own a Chevrolet Volt GM is currently offering loaner vehicles while they continue to investigate the battery issue.

[Image via Eric Broder Van Dyke /]