Gil Collar: ‘White’ 18-year Old ‘Mirrors Michael Brown Case’, Reports Suggest

The Michael Brown altercation, and eventual killing, by Ferguson, Missouri officer Darren Wilson has been the most discussed topic this week. However, there is another case that is gaining more attention, despite it being two years old. The Inquisitr reported on Gil Collar’s case in 2012.

“Gil Collar, a first-year student at the University of South Alabama, was shot and killed by a campus security officer early Saturday morning after he allegedly charged the officer repeatedly in a threatening manner. Collar was reportedly naked at the time.”

Gil Collar, a “white” unarmed 18-year-old, was under the influence of a drug when he was shot dead by a “black” college campus security officer, Trevis Austin, in October, 2012. An Alabama grand jury refused to bring charges against the campus security officer who killed Gil Collar, despite heavy public pressure for the case to move forward, reports the Washington Times. reported back in March, 2013 that grand jury “explored every single aspect of this investigation” when making the decision to not bring charges against Trevis Austin. They considered it an act of defense on the part of Austin because Gil Collar was acting erratic, while naked, and on a rare research chemical called “25I-C-NBOMe”.

The prosecutor suggested that the “friend of a friend” who ordered the drug that sent Collar — who the community called a “peacemaker,” and praised his character — into a naked, rambling stupor.

According to the Washington Times, critics of the lack of media attention to Collar’s case have coined the term “whiteout” to describe it. Some took to Twitter to express their disgust with the slanted reporting that gave Michael Brown more coverage.

Julie on Twitter: “Hello? Media? Two years, and still only crickets. Where’s Al Sharpton for #GilCollar?”

“There’s riots for #MikeBrown but none for #GilCollar @samstuff..”

Another critic on Twitter stated “Nobody burnt buildings to the ground for them.” The “them” spoken of was Gil Collar and another named white male Dillon Taylor, who Fox 13 says was shot by a “minority” officer in Utah. There is a “Justice for…” page set up for him on Facebook.

Others still have used these cases to explain that the use of excessive police force is being used against young men of all races.

The parents of Gil Collar, Reed and Bonnie Collar, have filed a wrongful death suit. Many feel it is likely the same will come in the Michael Brown case.

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