Armored Van Accidentally Spews Out $200,000 On Route 19

Travelers on Pennsylvania’s Route 19 were greeted with an early holiday present this week when $200,000 in cold hard cash began flying out of the back doors of an armored van as it drove down the road.

According to reports from WPXI some good samaritan drivers alerted the armored van’s driver about the open door.

While much of the money was returned to the vehicle police say at least ‘six figures’ are still missing at this time.

One witness who picked up and returned $60 said of the incident:

“You’re talking about 300 yards where I turned around, and money was all over the street,” and “By the time I turned around, most of that money was already gone. It’s pretty amazing to begin with. Cars were stopping. People were everywhere.”

It’s still unclear how well the money was tracked before transportation however police say that anyone caught using the money could face charges.

According to the same witness a “heavy-set man driving a red BMW” drove away with plenty of cash in hand.

It’s still unknown how the accident occurred, if the driver accidentally left the door open there’s a good chance he will no longer be working with the security company responsible for the money.

Would you have alerted the drive and helped collect the cash or would you grab as much as you could and then speed off?