Lewis Hamilton And Nico Rosberg Put Formula One Rivalry Behind Them

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he has set aside his differences with Nico Rosberg, and the pair are once again friends after their intense rivalry throughout the Formula One campaign.

Talking to BBC News, Hamilton, who won his second driver’s title after his victory at the Abu Dhabi grand prix last Sunday, explained that everything is “back to normal” following the conclusion to the season.

The pair reconciled at a Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart, which was held by Mercedes.

“We had a filming day the other day and all that tension disappears. It goes back to being two normal individuals talking about the normal things guys talk about.”

The two 29-year-olds originally met when they raced karts together at the tender age of 15. Since then they have turned in to professional Formula One drivers, and when they were both signed to Mercedes for the start of the 2013 season there was a lot of excitement regarding their collaboration.

After a rather quiet first season at Mercedes, 2014 was mired with several controversial moments though. In Monaco Rosberg went off the track to allegedly deliberately disrupt Hamilton’s final qualifying lap.

Then in Belgium Rosberg crashed in to the back of Hamilton, which forced the English driver’s car to have a flight tire that ultimately ruined his race.

Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg also complained about Lewis Hamilton’s tactics during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

But Hamilton confessed that after the two shared an embrace at the end of Abu Dhabi, their respect for each other has now eclipsed the animosity that was previously fervent.

“You saw Nico come over after the race and that underlined the respect we have for each other, and even though we had difficult times through the year we came out strong.”

Both drivers also declared that they have no regrets over the tactics that they used throughout the season. Nico Rosberg did admit that he might have done things a little bit differently, but he didn’t regret any choices that he made.

“There are things I would do differently; that’s natural. But regrets? No, because it’s often in difficult experiences you grow the most and learn the most. All in all it’s been a great year. The end result didn’t go the way I wanted but now, taking a step back, it has been such an awesome experience.”

Lewis Hamilton followed this by admitting that while “there were low moments” he still “wouldn’t change it for the world.”

[Image via TZ]