‘The Mentalist’ Spoilers: What Can Fans Expect From Season 7?

The final season of The Mentalist premieres Sunday on CBS, and fans are anxious to know what to expect. Jane and Lisbon have finally started to become romantic, and many are wondering just how prominent this storyline will become in the last set of episodes for the show. What Mentalist spoilers are available for Season 7?

As TV Guide notes, Mentalist spoilers from the official synopsis for the Season 7 premiere indicate that Lisbon and Jane will try to keep their romance a secret as the final season begins. The Season 7, Episode 1 show is titled “Nothing But Blue Skies,” and there will be an investigation into an undercover agent’s homicide. In addition, there is a new agent joining the team, and she comes off as both young and enthusiastic.

Simon Baker, who plays Patrick Jane, and Robin Tunney, who plays Teresa Lisbon, teased via TVLine that this last season is not going to be “‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ done by ‘The Mentalist.'” Rather, it seems, it’s being compared more to a Jane Austen style of romance.

While obviously it will be a big deal that these two have ventured upon a romance when there is a work component involved, that won’t be the main focus of the final season. Instead, the show will be focusing on the challenges of having a friendship-turned-romance more than the workplace component. The main mission that kept these two together has been resolved, so where do they go from here? That’s what this last season will aim to resolve.

It isn’t necessarily common for a show to know when they will wrap their series, but in this case, those with The Mentalist already know that Season 7 is their last. This gives them the opportunity to wrap things up on their own terms, in their own way. It seems that fans can definitely expect to be given a proper ending to the run of the series. This final season will be 13 episodes long.

The show’s Facebook page shared a Mentalist spoiler sneak peek that gives fans a glimpse of the new agent, Michelle Vega, coming on-board. It’s clear that the work environment will be a complicated one this season, but fans are anxious to see what’s going to transpire between Jane and Lisbon outside of the workplace. From the sounds of things, it’s going to be a season fans will love, and it is finally about to get started.

The final 13 episodes of The Mentalist begin on CBS on Sunday, November 30.

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