Florida Police Employees Fired After Attempting To Cast Magic Spell On Their Boss

Two Florida police employees were fired this week after they attempted to unsuccessfully cast a magic spell on their boss to get rid of him.

In a bizarre Santeria ritual North Miami Police Department officer Elizabeth Torres and office manager Yvonne Rodriguez sprinkled enchanted birdseed all over hte city manager’s office in the hopes that it would make them want to leave.

The ritual came about after city officials revealed that budget cuts could send some employees out the door.

The plan, at least the sabotage of the office, might have went off without a hitch had they not tried to get janitor Esther Villaneuva to spread the seeds for them. Worried about getting caught Villaneuva reported the potential magic spell to the city manager.

Rodriquez was immediately fired for her part in the incident while a recommendation has been given to fire the union-protected officer Torres.

In the meantime Torres says she didn’t mean harm to anyone, noting:

“It’s nothing malicious and nothing intended to hurt that person,” and “This is something I was raised with.”

I’m not really sure what part of her “magical plan” if it had actually worked wouldn’t be malicious, then again I don’t understand the magical world of bird seeds.

Do you think firing the two city employees over a Santeria ritual was the right decision?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]