Kate Middleton Has An ‘Uncanny Ability’ Never To Look Directly At A Camera, Ever Wondered Why?

It can’t be easy for Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, to always have to look her best and be on-guard when in public, lest an unscrupulous member of the paparazzi photographs her not looking her best.

The situation is much the same for any celebrity really, especially A-list ones, who find themselves in the spotlight on a daily basis, usually avoiding reporters and their cameras, by trying to go unnoticed.

But going unnoticed isn’t really an option for Kate Middleton, especially as she finds herself in the public eye so often. Have you ever noticed that Kate never looks directly into a camera lens, and that fact has sort of become her trademark, according to some.

The International Business Times reported today, quoting a source from the people at Tatler magazine, that Kate’s knack of not looking directly into a camera lens is an “uncanny ability,” and one that serves her well.

Interesting practices of “posh” people were documented in a three-part BBC special entitled Posh People: Inside Tatler, which followed the staff of the magazine as they analyzed the mannerisms of “posh” people in Britain.

Lainey at Lainey Gossip feels that Middleton’s ability of looking away from the cameras depicts her ability to focus and concentrate.

“There are easily dozens, sometimes hundreds of people pointing directly at her and shooting all the time and somehow she avoids meeting that eye to eye. And it’s because she’s able to look below or above a camera line. Never directly at it and certainly almost never accidentally. Think about how much focus and concentration is required for that.”

As most people know, Kate Middleton wasn’t always “posh” by any means, having been raised in a typical middle-class British environment. She had to work on her etiquette and accent, in order to make herself more “royal.”

As a friend of Kate’s from Marlborough College was quoted as saying, according to Princessdianafriend, “Kate did speak with a middle class accent that made her stand out from the other upper crust girls, I think she became very self conscious of that. She very gradually started to change her accent to a more upper class accent. By the time she left Marlborough she sounded more posh than the posh girls.”

There’s no doubt that Kate Middleton had what it took to transition herself from middle-class to upper-class, and the fact that she never looks directly into a camera, when pictured by the media, is a credit to her.