Do You Wanna Make A Sequel? Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ Rumored To Be In The Works

Disney’s Frozen has quickly become an instant classic, and is setting itself up to become a franchise powerhouse. The success of Frozen has allowed its insertion into the popular television show Once Upon a Time, multiple spoof videos on YouTube, and even a dethroning of Barbie as the season’s most sought after doll. So it is really no surprise that a sequel might be in the works, yet hearing those words from Idina Menzel has sent a shiver across the internet as fans anticipate what is next for the misunderstood Ice Queen.

Idina, the voice of Elsa the snow queen in Disney’s Frozen, was part of an interview with the Telegraph, where she seemingly confirmed a sequel to be in the works. She was asked about the rumors of a stage play, a sequel, and the six-minute short that is supposed to air around Christmas time. Her response was rather vague, but telling.

“[T]hey’re all in the works.”

Idina did share that she will most likely not perform in the stage production, but her role as Elsa in the big screen version will most likely be guaranteed. Although no further details were shared, possibly because Idina does not know further details, there is much speculation as to where the sequel might take fans. Some believe the Ice King will be introduced and teach Elsa how to control her frigid powers. Some believe Elsa will once again become the bad queen and wreak havoc cross the land. Still, others hope for a new evil to arise, as Elsa saves the day and redeems her misdeeds.

Metro UK shared that regardless of the direction the sequel goes, Idina is “just going along for the ride.”

Frozen fans, Disney fans, and even video game fans cannot seem to get enough of Elsa and her frigid prowess. Members of the Kingdom Hearts fandom, for example, are mixed on seeing an inclusion of Frozen in the third console installment of the game, although many would love to see Marshmallow, the snow monster from Frozen, as a boss in the game. Still, others fear the inclusion of the movie would be nothing more than fan service. However, there doesn’t seem to be much debate over the need for a Frozen sequel.

What are your thoughts on the sequel to Frozen, its immersion into pop culture, whether it should make an appearance in video games, or simply how the sequel should play out?

[Photo Courtesy: Fast Swide]