Dennis Rodman On Ferguson: Rioters Are ‘Illogical’

Dennis Rodman, the former NBA basketball player, professional wrestler, and self-appointed ambassador to North Korea, has taken aim at the Ferguson riots.

Channeling his best Spock in a recent interview with RT, he called the rioters “illogical,” asking the question of “why people would raid their own town,” the site noted.

He also wasn’t entirely convinced that Officer Darren Wilson needed to be brought up on charges for the shooting death of teenage robbery suspect Michael Brown.

“They will say that this white cop killed this black kid for no reason… Well you don’t know the whole logistics. If a kid had a toy gun pointing at you what would you do? You don’t know that it’s a toy gun… are you going to say ‘Hey, now shoot me?’ Really?”

Dennis Rodman added that the situation was a “catch 22,” though it’s worth pointing out that the comparison of a toy gun that he makes does not exactly line up with the circumstances of the Michael Brown shooting.

Prior to Brown’s death, he was reportedly caught on a store surveillance video as the primary suspect in a “strong-arm robbery.” Someone identified as Brown used his imposing size to steal cigars from the store and push the owner around, prompting even his own supporters — like Pharrell — to call him a “bully.”

Later, according to eyewitness reports and physical evidence, Wilson saw Brown in the middle of the street and told him to move along. At this point, the physical evidence shows that Officer Wilson was assaulted by Brown while sitting in his vehicle.

A struggle ensued for the firearm, which went off three times. Wilson said the third discharge struck Brown, after which he turned to flee the scene. Wilson then added that he told Brown to stop, but instead of doing so, Brown had a “look like a demon” and charged Wilson, whom he had already struck in the face twice during the vehicle confrontation.

At this point, Wilson fired several shots into Brown, who did not survive.

Given the picture that the physical evidence paints, it’s not surprising there would be some supporters arguing passionately on both sides.

Dennis Rodman does not appear to see Brown supporters’ side of things, but what about you, readers? Is Rodman right to question the support for Brown and to issue criticisms of the Ferguson rioters? Sound off in our comments section.

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