Michael Brown Empty Chair Pic Shows Family’s First Thanksgiving Without Him

The Michael Brown “empty chair” pic released on Twitter Thanksgiving day continues to keep the Ferguson shooting in the public eye.

In the pic, Brown’s family can be seen preparing to eat Thanksgiving dinner. There is an empty chair where Michael Brown would have sat had he not been shot and killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in August.

The shooting sparked a wave of controversy that lasted until the grand jury’s announcement this week that there was not enough evidence to pursue charges against Wilson.

This spawned a wave of protests that resulted in violence across the country, with many businesses being destroyed by outraged individuals.

Support has been largely divided on political lines.

Democrats are more apt to believe that charges should have been pursued, while Republicans point out that the physical evidence supports Officer Darren Wilson’s story — that Michael Brown attacked him and tried to grab his gun before he was shot the first time.

This, Wilson said, led to Brown charging him resulting in the fatal shots.

According to evidence presented to the grand jury, eyewitness reports that said Brown was trying to give himself up did not support the physical evidence.

Regardless of what really happened that day in August, the family of Brown are still hurting.

Michael Brown detractors also note that prior to the altercation, video evidence seems to reveal that Brown was responsible for a strong-arm robbery of a local store clerk. That incident even prompted Pharrell, who supported charges against officer, to admit that Brown “was a bully.” Brown’s supporters still feel very strongly that the unarmed teen should not have been killed. Many took to Twitter after the Michael Brown empty chair pic was posted to share their prayers of support.

What do you think about the Michael Brown empty chair pic, readers? And do you think that Officer Wilson was justified in using deadly force?