Acer Wants $499 Ultrabooks By 2013

After announcing on Tuesday that Acer would continue their push into Netbook sales company President Jim Wong continued his notebook push on Thursday by announcing that the company hopes to cut Ultrabook prices in half by 2013.

Mr. Wong said in his remarks that the cost of the company’s Ultrabooks could fall between $799 and $899 in 2012 with further cuts to $499 by 2013.

The announcement comes just after Intel said they would like to transition 40 percent of notebooks over to the more attractive “extra-thin” category before the end of 2012.

In the meantime Wong said Acer hopes to ship 300,000 Aspire S3 ultrabooks in the fall despite hard drive shortages that have created a mild 10 to 15 percent deficit for PC storage needs.

In the meantime fellow competitors Gigabyte and MSI have announced losses in their notebook divisions with Gigabyte producing just 300,000 notebooks for their entire fall production across all PC lines.

Do you think the Notebook, Netbook and Ultrabook markets are a dying breed based on the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones?