Bill Cosby’s Own University Shuns Him Due To Rape Allegations

With rape accusations piling up against Bill Cosby, more and more people are cutting ties with the entertainer. First, NBC decided to drop the new Bill Cosby sitcom in the midst of rape allegations. Now, Cosby’s own alma matter has asked the comedian to step down from his position as honorary co-chair of the school’s capital campaign.

According to Time, The University of Massachusetts Amherst, which granted Bill Cosby a masters and doctorate in education, is now trying to distance itself from Cosby’s tarnished image.

“Bill Cosby has agreed to resign as an honorary co-chair of UMass Amherst’s capital campaign,” said Ed Blaguszewski, a university spokesman. “He no longer has any affiliation with the campaign nor does he serve in any other capacity for the university.”

According to Yahoo News, the attorney general of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, sent a letter to the University of Massachusetts Amherst pressuring the school to remove Bill Cosby as co-chair. Coakley admitted that Cosby hadn’t been criminally charged from the rape allegations, but insisted associating with Bill Cosby would be damaging to the university’s public image, especially since the state is focused on eliminating sexual assault on campuses.

In addition to serving as a notable figure to graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Bill Cosby gave a benefit performance in 2004 that raised $1.5 million for the school. Cosby and his wife have also donated somewhere between $250,000 and $499,999 to the university. Despite all that, the institution has decided it is in their best interest to cut all ties with Cosby.

Strangely, the University of Massachusetts Amherst claimed there were no plans to cut Cosby out of the program on Tuesday. Yahoo News reported that Bill Cosby’s status with the college had not changed. However, the allegations against Cosby have only gotten worse and worse, which has led several universities to a tipping point, ultimately resulting in them removing any affiliation with Cosby–such as no longer giving out scholarships in Cosby’s name.

As of today, Bill Cosby is still a member of the Board of Trustees at Temple University, according to the Washington Post. However, that university may soon be dropping Bill Cosby as well. A 2005 alumnus of the school has launched an internet campaign to convince the Board of Trustees to remove Bill Cosby as a member.

What do you think about the university decisions to cut ties with Bill Cosby? Do you think it’s necessary to shun the man because of the rape allegations?