Cop Drops Baby: Off-Duty Police Officer Drops Own Baby On Concrete To Shoot Robber [Video]

An off-duty cop dropped his own baby on the hard concrete in order to shoot a robber that approached him and his family. The police officer was standing outside of their home on the street with his father-in-law and daughter when the unexpected happened. Surveillance video seen below was captured and posted on LiveLeak.

The heart-stopping moment shows what happened in the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo, in Brazil. The off-duty police officer was holding his 3-month-old infant in one hand when a robber casually approached him with a machine gun, and grabbed his other arm. In a split second decision, the officer drops his baby on the concrete and fires several shots at the robber. A brief struggle ensues when the police officer tries fighting off the robber. Immediately after the baby was dropped to the ground, the cop’s father-in-law quickly picks up the girl. The man’s family members scattered as bullets started flying everywhere. As the dangerous situation unfolded in front of them, the cop’s daughter and father-in-law tried getting to a safe position. Despite being shot multiple times by the officer, the robber takes off running.

As the Irish Mirror highlights in its report, an accomplice was allegedly waiting nearby in a black Honda suspected to be a getaway vehicle.

According to the Civil Police, the robber was a convict who had a submachine gun with a silencer, and had threatened to shoot. The robber was later found in a hospital under an alias. He’d apparently had serious gunshot wounds and police recognized him. He’s currently under police guard, and his condition is said to be quite serous. The Civil Police say they will hear the suspected robber’s testimony before “confirming involvement.”

As for the baby that the off-duty cop dropped, she suffered just minor injuries after the potentially deadly event.

Records reveal that the criminal had been previously convicted of robbery and drug trafficking.

Did the police officer have a choice over whether to purposely let go of his baby in order to fight off the robber? With one of his arms being restricted by the robber and the other holding his daughter, what recourse did he have for action?

Fortunately, the 3-month-old infant and the rest of the family got out of the situation without any injuries, and no one got shot. As it turns out for everyone, they’re still alive and doing well.

[Photo Credit: LiveLeak]