Black Friday Evolution: Viral Video Highlights The Big Difference Between ‘People Vs. Animals’ Shopping (Video)

Black Friday has always been the biggest shopping day of the year! There’s definitely no doubt about that. Although the significance of the day hasn’t waned, surprisingly, there are a number of aspects that have progressively changed over the years. You’d be quite shocked to see a visual of the big difference over the past 20 years. So here it is!

On Friday, Nov. 21, a video titled WLOX Memories Black Friday 1983 was uploaded to YouTube by WLOX-13. The video features the jaw-dropping evolution of Black Friday over a 20-year span. The flashbacks of Black Friday back in 1983 are absolutely nothing like present day Black Friday. Needless to say, the footage is quite interesting. While people have always been drawn to great deals and big discounts, there wasn’t nearly as much violence reported back then. Several media and news outlets, namely Uproxx, have even questioned whether or not the staggering discounts are even worth the potentially life-threatening hassle.

“The money saved on items we really don’t need does not justify the time, hassle, and danger of injury to oneself or others involved in the modern version of Black Friday. There’s still a month left to shop, smaller stores to visit, online sales that involve no hassle at all, and one’s sanity to consider.”

Although millions of people still partake in the Black Friday festivities for competitive and entertainment purposes, many people who viewed the video shared their disheartening perspectives of the day after Thanksgiving sales. Some still enjoy the madness, while others stay as far away from the stores as possible!

“I still like going to Black Friday. Sure the deals aren’t as great as they used to be, but there are still some good ones. But mostly I like to see all these savages fight to the death. It’s kind of like the Hunger Games,” wrote “Lieutenant Lowercase.”

“I NEVER GO OUT INTO THAT MADNESS! Ridiculous. People have no manners these days. My Pit Bull has better manners than these greedy entitled jerks!” said Beckey Girard.

“One group have clearly gone in one direction and the other in another. There are literally two species on the planet right now, The Sheeple and The Awakened. (actually there’s 3 species if you consider the Psychopaths running the show),” said Adam Smith.

“Black Friday shopping isn’t greedy. Saving money isn’t greedy unless you actually harm or take away from another person. I mean, sure, some crazy a– folks bite, punch, and kick others for some electronic device in some cases, but for the most part it’s just people trying to buy s— at a lower price than usual,” another user said.

Do you feel the Black Friday sales are worth the hassle? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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