Cynthia Bailey Talks ‘THOT’: Does This Comment Show Porsha’s Immaturity?

No one was expecting Cynthia Bailey to flip out during her lunch meeting with Porsha Williams on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Bailey had waited for Williams for over an hour when she finally decided to show up. Then, Porsha began hurling accusations at her that she was a flip-flopper, explaining that one minute she was supporting her and the next minute, she was not.

But Cynthia Bailey wasn’t about to take the accusations without fighting back. Now, Bailey has decided to speak out against the accusations that she was unreliable as a friend. And it all comes back to the reunion special last year. But Cynthia doesn’t feel that her lack of support over violent behavior needs a “THOT” label.

According to a new Bravo report, Cynthia Bailey explains that Porsha’s flip-flopping comment has to do with her lack of support over attacking Kenya Moore last year at the reunion special.

“To my knowledge our only issue is I did not support her actions at the reunion. I have always made it clear that the reunion is a provocative environment for everyone involved. I adamantly did not support her choice to resort to physical violence, and I never will,” Cynthia explains, revealing that this is what she knew about the friction between them.

This reunion brawl and the arrest that followed were covered by the Inquisitr.

“Shortly after, she did WWHL, and claimed that I supported her actions and then I didn’t support her actions. I do not support physical violence. Period! I thought this was clear out the gate during the reunion, when I did not jump off the couch to run to her side,” Bailey adds.

But Porsha’s comments about flip-flopping weren’t exactly presented in the most understanding of ways. She seemed very passive-aggressive and as soon as her words hurt Bailey, she kept telling her to calm down and not to be aggressive. The conversation clearly shows Porsha’s level of maturity. She came to that meeting with a plan.

But it was Williams’ THOT comment that had Cynthia Bailey shaking her head as this was yet another immature dig at her. And like any other adult, Bailey decided to give it very little attention.

“What is a thot? Apparently it means, “that hoe over there.” OK, Porsha saying my Ebony Magazine topless photo looked “thot-ish” is actually too ridiculous for me to address. I was going to go there, but I choose not to waste my time,” Cynthia Bailey explains of Williams’ comments, adding that the historical publication doesn’t require her defense.

What do you think of Cynthia Bailey’s comments?

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