Catie Miller: Police Find Human Remains In Search For Missing Mother, Two People Arrested

Catie Miller vanished on July 15 after sending a text message to her mother, but police in Halifax now believe they have located the remains of the 29-year-old woman.

Police found human remains on Wednesday during the search for Miller and have now charged a 29-year-old man with first-degree murder. Jason James Johnson was arrested on Wednesday morning and was also charged with indecently interfering with human remains. Police also charged a second woman.

Police say they believe that Catie Miller was killed the same day she last contacted her mother, but did not disclose how she was murdered.

Catie’s parents spoke out on Wednesday, calling their daughter “an intelligent, attractive, witty, humorous woman.” Catie Miller leaves behind a 3-year-old son, Oliver.

“She was a devoted mother to her son and loved him more than anything in the world,” said her father, John Miller.

John Miller said he had heard his daughter mention Jason James Johnson’s name in the past, but said they were not in a relationship.

“She was deprived of all she hoped for and had every right to expect,” John Miller said.

Police said they were still trying to piece together details about Catie’s murder. John Miller noted that some of the facts are still “up in the air,” including the possibility that she was murdered outside of Halifax, and her body was dumped there later.

“Things are happening, changing and progressing as we speak,” said Miller.

Catie’s father added that family members had been worried since she first went missing, but as time went on, they lost more hope that she could be found alive. As the search reached the four month mark, her father said it became “considerably bleak.”

Catie’s family members say the uncertainty surrounding her murder is one of the most difficult parts.

“Of course it’s going to be frustrating not knowing anything. The element of the unknown is what I think is the hardest thing. You can’t start the grieving process, you still have that little ounce of hope,” said Catie’s brother Christopher.

Police have still not confirmed whether the remains found on Wednesday belong to missing mother Catie Miller.