You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out. Santa Claus Poses With Gun Toting Children

In the movie A Christmas Story little Ralphie is told by Santa Claus that he can’t have a Red Ryder BB gun because “you’ll shoot your eye out kid” but now a Santa Clause in Arizona is changing that thought process by posing for children’s pictures with gun toting kids.

Santa is currently sitting at the Scottsdale Gun Club where non-members can pay $5-$10 to have their picture taken with Santa and some heavy ammunition.

As you’ll notice in the backdrop Santa isn’t holding back as he displays a Garwood Minigun that can fire up to 6,000 rounds per minute.

For picture taking purposes the Gun Club is offering a bunch of choices including hand-held guns such as pistols and assault rifles and even a grenade launcher.

As the Scottsdale Gun Club website touts:

“Get your holiday picture with Santa his machine guns!”

Do you think Santa Claus should be encouraging children to pack heat?