John Wayne Gacy’s ‘Victim #19’ Finally Identified 35 Years Later

For the last 35 years police at the Cook County Sheriff’s office have identified a John Wayne Gacy victim simply as “victim #19” and now thanks to DNA technology they can call him by his real name, William George Bundy.

Bundy went missing in October 1976 at 19-years-old and according to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart his officers were able to use DNA technology along with a combinaton of other helpful identifiers to match their findings to information provided by the boys family.

Attending the departments news conference about the finding was Bundy’s younger sister Laura O’Leary who revealed that she believed the entire time that her brother may have become a victim of John Wayne Gacy.

“I always knew he was going to be one of them,” she said. “But there was no DNA back then, so there was nothing I could really do.”

15-years-old at the time of her brother’s disappearance she said he was a very charismatic young man, noting:

“All of my girlfriends wants to date him … They weren’t coming there for me.”

Unfortunately neither one of the boys parents lived to hear of these new findings, him mother Elizabeth Dudek died in 1990 and father Robert Bundy passed away five years ago.

As O’Leary said her in press conference:

“My mother, she was really never the same,” O’Leary said. “She was in denial, I think.”

A renewed effort is still underway to identify all of the body’s that have a direct connection to the John Wayne Gacy murders of the 1970’s.