‘Batman V Superman’ On Set In New Mexico, Is This Wonder Woman’s Home?

Batman v Superman has begun shooting in the New Mexico set the Inquisitr reported on last month, as the production has concluded in Chicago and Detroit.

Even though director Zack Snyder is done with the Midwest, the blockbuster is not done filming by any means and now speculation is that this is Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira. Some also think the location could be Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) Fortress of Solitude.

The set is located in the middle of the New Mexico desert and has seemingly attracted the attention of locals, with sightings of actors such as Henry Cavill around town. Many fans have posted photos of the encounters in New Mexico.

“All of a sudden, it’s like everybody says the circus is here now,” said Van Jacobsen, via KRQE News 13. “You know the different crews that came in, the art designers and producers… It’s quite amazing, just a bunch of great people.”

Yet another local, Karia Borunda, a server at Si Señor’s Restaurant, says she is excited to see the famous stars coming to town for Batman v Superman and met Henry when he came for dinner recently. The Man of Steel posed with some of the servers and left a good impression for his kindness.

“You can’t explain it, you just get too excited to see him and everything. He was very kind, very polite friendly and everything.”

According to Batman News, however, Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, is not in town and instead is enjoying a nice vacation in Thailand. This would indicate that her time on the Batman v Superman set is over.

It is believed that this is the last leg of the Batman v Superman filming. The New Mexico set was reportedly built after the Ebola scare forced the studio to move their location previously scheduled for Morocco, according to several reports.

Several photos from the Batman v Superman set in Chicago showed the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, suspended by some security cables wearing his Superman suit. It is believed the production is ready to wrap up in the coming weeks and the majority of shooting is almost complete.

[Image via Psicocine]