Joran Van Der Sloot Sues Victim’s Father for $10 Million

Joran Van Der Sloot, the man suspected of killing Natalee Holloway, filed a $10 million lawsuit today against Chilean and Peruvian authorities, as well as Ricardo Flores, the father of his second alleged murder victim. Van Der Sloot’s lawsuit says that his human rights were violated while he was investigated for the murder of Stephany Flores.

Yahoo reports that Van Der Sloot is accusing Chilean authorities of violating his rights when they forcibly extradited him to Peru to face murder charges. According to the New York Daily News, Van der Sloot also claims that Chilean officials did not provide him an attorney and didnd’t allow him to contact his family while in custody.

Flores, a 21-year-old Peruvian business student, was allegedly murdered by Van Der Sloot on the 5-year-anniversary of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. Van Der Sloot is being charged with first degree murder.

The Huffington Post reports that Van Der Sloot’s lawsuit implicates then-President of the Republic Alan Garcia Perez, former Peruvian Minister of Interior Octavio Salazar, former police generals, and Ricardo Flores.

When Van Der Sloot was arrested for Stephany Flores’ murder, he confessed, saying:

“I did not want to do it. The girl intruded into my private life. … We argued, and she tried to escape. I grabbed her by the neck, and I hit her.”

Van Der Sloot later recanted his confession saying that he was being pressured by authorities.

The lawsuit comes just a few days after Van Der Sloot’s trial date was announced. Van Der Sloot will stand trial starting January 6th in a Peruvian court for the murder of Stephany Flores. CNN reports that if Van Der Sloot is found guilty, he could get a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Do you think Joran Van Der Sloot is guilty of killing Stephany Flores? Is he responsible for Natalee Holloway’s disappearance?