Animal Adoption Groups Offer Dog-buster Deals And Purring Purchases On Black Friday [Video]

Defying the Black Friday shopping frenzy tradition, animal adoption organizations and shelters across the nation are offering a different type of opportunity. Rather than frantically hunt for a way to open your wallet, they're encouraging you to open your heart by offering a shelter pet a forever home. From free adoptions for black-coated pets to reduced prices, these nonprofit organizations hope that the three-day weekend for spending will turn into three days of purr-fect pet placements.

And for those who feel as if it's not the day-after-Thanksgiving without an early-morning deal, the Placer SPCA is even responding to that desire. They're opening at 4 a.m. with free animal adoptions for the first 10 people, reported Fox 40 News.

"We thought we'd capitalize on Black Friday as much as possible, so we decided like many others that we're going to open up at 4 a.m. That means our employees have to be in by 12 a.m. to prepare the animals for adoption," said Placer SPCA CEO Leilani Fratis.

During a typical week, the shelter finds forever homes for 60 animals. But on Black Friday, Fratis is anticipating 60 adoptions in less than 24 hours.

"We have a doorbuster deal," added Leilani.

Even those who aren't in the first 10 prospective adopters can get reduced prices. The specials on Black Friday include $5 for cats, $15 for dogs, and free rabbits. Some who heard about the deal expressed concern that people eager for a bargain will purchase pets without thinking long-term. But Leilani is hopeful.

"There are certainly some animals that will end up getting returned after an adoption, but our goal is to make a perfect match and to make it a permanent match."
What's it like for a shelter pet to be adopted? Watch below.
In contrast to corporations who have extra bucks to spend on advertising Black Friday specials, animal shelters are using social media to spread the word about their plans for changing the day of buying into a day of barking and purring. For example, the North Shore Animal League used Facebook to post photos and its announcement.
"Fall in love with a shelter pet! On Friday, November 28, from 9 am - 12 pm, all adoptions are free during our Black Friday special!"
Some animal rescue organizations are focusing specifically on pets with black coats during their special because those animals are the most difficult to adopt. Brownstown's animal shelter, for example, is offering its black dogs and cats free on Black Friday.

Marty Bertera, animal control officer, told the News Herald that the Black Friday animal adoption event provides an opportunity for the unwanted pets to receive extra attention.

"[Black cats and dogs] are the least likely of all the animals at any shelter to be adopted. We believe in the open your mind, open your heart policy. The dogs and cats come with spayed or neutered rabies shots, snap test or heartworm tested."
If you want to get inspired with the potential in adopting a rescue dog, Hilary Swank is hosting the Great American Dog-a-Thon on Nov. 27 as the Inquisitr reported.

"I have long been an advocate for animal adoption and know first-hand the immense joy a shelter animal brings to our lives. Yet, every year more than four million animals are euthanized because of overcrowding in shelters," reflected Swank.

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