An Idaho Pit Bull Named Massey Is Attacked By Labrador Retriever, Reports Say

When the word “Pit Bull” and “attack” are in a sentence, most know exactly where the story is going. For proponents of pit bulls, it means another unfortunate incident that will cast a shadow over their favorite breed. Opponents of pit bulls, see more of the same. However, every now and then, a situation presents itself that seems to go over everyone’s head to some degree or another.

According Fox 9 News, an unleashed Labrador retriever in Idaho went after and bit another owners pit bull several times. This all happened when 13-year-old Anna Shuey was walking the family pit bull with another unspecified dog on their leashes this past week.

The neighbor’s Labrador retriever took off from the yard and met Anna and her pit bull Massey on the sidewalk across the street, Fox 9 reports. Anna did not seem to notice anything wrong at first, but she states that after “15 seconds” or so of the neighbor’s lab sniffing around Massey the pit bull, the Labrador’s temperament changed.

Anna noticed the Labrador retriever tensing up after the initial friendly meeting, and naturally was concerned over the situation. Ms. Shuey told the news outlet that she asked the Labrador’s owner to intervene, but in Anna’s words, “She just stood there and watched them.”

“The lab attacked Massey and she got her on her back and [the lab] was trying to bite at [Massey]. That’s when the lab bit the top of her mouth and that’s when she got the gash on top.”

According to Anna’s mother, Lena Shuey, Massey the pit bull’s veterinarian says the wounds sustained from the attack were “defensive.” Mrs. Shuey explains that when she confronted the Labrador’s owner about the situation, all she seemed to do was make excuses.

“She says, ‘my dog is a family dog, she’s a Lab, she can’t really do anything wrong, and your dog is a Pit Bull,’ and she kept bringing it up. And I said well your dog was off leash, my dog was on a leash.”

Lena further explained that the other dog’s owner suggested their Labrador was protecting her puppies she recently gave birth to. At this time, the Shuey family filed a complaint with animal control. From there, animal control will hand the Labrador’s owner a “misdemeanor dog at large to be aggressive and a nuisance.”

The Shuey’s, on the other hand, are facing a massive bill for Massey the pit bull’s medical bills. Massey the pit bull’s veterinary costs are $4,000 worth of antibiotics, surgery, consultations, and rehabilitation.

The injured pit bull’s family wants to raise awareness to other families about keeping all dogs on a leash.

This all may seem odd that a Labrador might attack a pit bull, but a recent event in Florida suggests this is not so unique. According to CBS 5 News, a 5-year-old was attacked by Labrador but saved when her pit bull named Trigger intervened.

It is moments like these that make it no wonder many communities are starting to reconsider some of their pit bulls bans. The Inquisitr recently reported about a pit bull and rottweiler ban that a family in Louisiana is trying to save Zeus the pit bull from.

[Images via Pixabay And Wikimedia Commons]