Michael Brown’s Stepfather Shouts To Crowd, ‘Burn This B***h Down’ After Ferguson Decision [Video]

Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, shouted “Burn this b***h down” at the crowd after the Ferguson decision was read on Monday evening. A video of the emotional exchange after the Darren Wilson verdict, has gone viral.

Louis Head is not the focus of backlash because he has appeared to be encouraging violence. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 12 businesses were burnt to the ground during the Ferguson riots on Monday evening. Many of the small business owners were still attempting to recover from the rioting and looting which occurred in August after the Michael Brown shooting.

“Burn this b***h down. Burn this b***h down,” Michael Brown’s stepdad is shown yelling as he hugs the teenager’s mother, Lesley McSpadden. Michael Brown’s mom was involved in a physical altercation with his grandmother over Ferguson shooting T-shirt sales just before leaving to discuss peace and torture in front of the United Nations in Geneva.

The Louis Head video was reportedly shot by a member of the crowd just moments after the Darren Wilson Ferguson decision was read. “I ain’t never had to go through nothing like this,” Lesley McSpadden said to the crowd. Michael Brown’s mom was crying as she hugged Head, who was wearing a “I am Michael Brown” T-shirt.


Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump downplayed the importance of the Louis Head “Burn this b***h down” video. “You don’t want to use the raw emotion of a family during such a dramatic moment,” Crump told the media. “We have the local prosecutor who has a symbiotic relationship with the local police and the local police officers,” the attorney added when referencing why he felt the Ferguson decision resulted in no indictment against Darren Wilson for the Michael Brown shooting.

What do you think of the Ferguson decision and the Louis Head “Burn this b***h down” video?

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