Darren Wilson Interview: George Stephanopoulos Sits Down With Ferguson Police Officer

Darren Wilson sat down for his first interview less than 24 hours after the Ferguson decision in the Michael Brown shooting was made public. Officer Ferguson spent more than one hour with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News.

In the Darren Wilson interview, the Ferguson police officer said that his "conscience is clear." He also added that he does not think he could have done anything differently in order to prevent the fatal Michael Brown shooting.

While the Ferguson police officer said he is sorry for the death of Michael Brown, he just reportedly did what he was trained to do. Darren Wilson told George Stephanopoulos that he did not shoot at the back of Mike Brown. The police officer said that the teenager reached into his police cruiser and grabbed for his gun -- making Wilson fear for his life.

Wilson went on to describe how Mike Brown charged at him, not that he did not raise his arms in a surrender position. He had to shoot, according to the law enforcement officer. When Stephanopoulos asked if the scenario would have played out any differently if Michael Brown had been white, Wilson answered, "Absolutely not."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Darren Wilson family member told the Daily Mail that while racial profiling does occur, it does not happen in Ferguson and was not a factor in the Michael Brown shooting. The unnamed relative said, "Darren shot Michael Brown that day because he was in fear of his life. It was Michael Brown or him. He shot him and he got to go home that day. The Grand Jury made the right decision. Darren did the right thing. He acted like a cop. What was he supposed to do?"

The Wilson family has reportedly had to deal with numerous death threats since the fatal Ferguson police shooting. The Black Rebels militant group levied a $5,000 bounty on the officer's head via Twitter, stating the members of the Uhuru movement simply wanted to asked Wilson "some questions."

Darren Wilson could still face federal charges in the Michael Brown shooting case. Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to address the potential filing of civil rights charges later today. More than 12 businesses in Ferguson were destroyed by fire in the first several hours after the grand jury decision was announced. Many more small businesses in the St. Louis suburb were looted. DeAndre Joshua, 20, was the first known fatality of the Ferguson riots -- he was found shot dead in his car near where Michael Brown was killed.

Will you watch the first Darren Wilson interview since the Michael Brown shooting and the Ferguson riots?

[Image via George Stephanopoulos' Twitter]