Darren Wilson Issues Statement After Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict In Michael Brown Shooting

Darren Wilson has issued a statement following the Ferguson grand jury verdict announcement Monday evening. The jury decided that the 28-year-old white police officer who shot 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown, will not be indicted on any charges. This has already sparked riots and protests around Ferguson from the emotion-filled investigation. Attorneys for the accused police office released a statement on behalf of their client.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch posted the statement on their website shortly after the grand jury’s decision was announced nationwide on live television.

Officer Wilson’s attorney began the statement by saying he “followed his training and followed the law” on August 9 when he shot and killed Brown. The rest of the statement is revealed below.

“Today, a St. Louis County grand jury released its decision that no charges would be filed in the case involving Officer Darren Wilson.

From the onset, we have maintained and the grand jury agreed that Officer Wilson’s actions on August 9 were in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the procedures of an officer.

In a case of this magnitude, a team of prosecutors rightfully presented evidence to this St. Louis County grand jury.

This group of citizens, drawn at random from the community, listened to witnesses and heard all the evidence in the case.

Based on the evidence and witness testimony, the grand jury collectively determined there was no basis for criminal charges against Officer Wilson.

Law enforcement personnel must frequently make split-second and difficult decisions. Officer Wilson followed his training and followed the law.

We recognize that many people will want to second-guess the grand jury’s decision. We would encourage anyone who wants to express an opinion do so in a respectful and peaceful manner.

On a side note, Officer Wilson would like to thank those who have stood by his side throughout the process. This continued support is greatly appreciated by Officer Wilson and his family.

Moving forward, any commentary on this matter will be done in the appropriate venue and not through the media.”

Darren Wilson’s attorney — Neil Bruntrager — shares that the last few days have been “tense” for him. He explains that despite the Ferguson grand jury decision, it’s not as if his life will carry on as normal.

“People have made threats against his life, he will continue to be concerned about his family’s security and his own. (Not being indicted) is a brief respite, but certainly not the end of things for him.”

It’s unknown if Wilson will resign from the Ferguson police force after the Michael Brown investigation. Officials don’t have reason to terminate his service with the department since no indictment was decided against him. The internal affairs investigation will have to judge whether or not the shooting of Brown was within department policies, according to the report. As it stands now, Ferguson Police Chief, Tom Jackson, has declined to comment on the jury’s verdict or the investigation.

Darren Wilson photographed revealing his injuries after shooting Michael Brown.
Darren Wilson photographed revealing his injuries after shooting Michael Brown.

In another report, NBC News released photos of Darren Wilson following the shooting of Michael Brown. They are seen above. Once the grand jury’s decision was revealed, the images were released.

As the Inquistr reported earlier Monday, it was learned that Officer Wilson married fellow Ferguson police officer Barbara Spradling on October 24.

[Image via NBC News]

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