Can Dunder Mifflin Save the Paper Business? Office Inspired Paper Comes to Staples

The fictional characters on “The Office” deal with dwindling paper sales every week. Staples deals with it every day. In an effort to boost sales, Staples, online distribute, and NBC, have created real-life Dunder Mifflin Paper.

The Dunder Mifflin copy paper will be sold by Staples-owned The Wall Street Journal reports that Quill and NBC have agreed to a two-year licensing agreement.

According to MSNBC, NBC will receive 6% of the revenue generated from Dunder Mifflin Paper products. If the paper meets its sales target, the deal could be extended for longer than two years.

The Dunder Mifflin copy paper will be priced higher than normal copy paper, but when you buy “The Office” inspired product, your paper will come packaged with “The Office” slogans like “Our motto is, Quabity First” and “Get Your Scrant on.” has a carton of Dunder Mifflin copy paper listed at $47.99. (It’s currently on sale for $34.99.)

Maybe “The Office” is better off without Michael Scott. Scott was never able to turn any actual profit through his fictional company.

Do you think companies will pay a few extra dollars to have real Dunder Mifflin paper?