Juan Pablo Galavis Heads To Concert While Nikki Ferrell Tweets Romantic Lyrics

Juan Pablo Galavis may have been the most hated Bachelor contestant in the show’s history. Unlike Kalon McMahon and other villains from the franchise, he didn’t come on to find love with a woman when he started tainting his own image. He had fooled America into thinking that he was the sweetest and most likable Venezuelan soccer player around. And women went crazy when Galavis was confirmed as the Bachelor a year ago.

But the women filming the show with him quickly questioned why Juan Pablo Galavis was on the show. Galavis didn’t seem interested in finding a wife. After the show wrapped, reports surfaced that he only kept his romance with Nikki Ferrell alive after the show ended because he was hoping for more endorsement deals.

According to a new tweet, Juan Pablo Galavis appears to be having fun despite recently breaking up with Nikki Ferrell. After announcing the news, Nikki decided to keep a low profile to deal with her emotions, as she was clearly hurt after the relationship ended. But Juan Pablo continued attending sports events and concerts. And this weekend was no different.

“ALWAYS like Imagine Dragons performance… Alex da Kid, you KILLED it again… Abrazos bro!” Juan Pablo Galavis tweeted last night.

When Juan Pablo and Ferrell broke up, she went on a deleting spree, removing him from her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She even left Twitter herself for a short period of time.

“In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done that,” Ferrell revealed after the spree, adding, “I’m a tad bit impulsive.”

It is no secret that Juan Pablo and Nikki had a troublesome relationship. The two went on Couples Therapy to work through their issues, and rumors were confirmed when Galavis admitted to not loving his girlfriend. He couldn’t explain his feelings, but he was not on the same wavelength as her.

According to the Inquisitr, she has revealed that Juan Pablo Galavis gave up on the relationship via text message. While she wanted to fight for it, Galavis checked out of the relationship, ignoring her text saying that she was willing to fight. It was then she deleted him from her social media accounts. But these days, single Ferrell is surfacing again on Twitter and she appears to be doing well.

“Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe…. #wildestdreams,” Nikki tweeted, adding the lyrics emoticon to reveal that she was indeed tweeting lyrics.

It sounds like she still wants her romantic ending, even if it isn’t with Juan Pablo Galavis. What do you think of Nikki’s sweet tweet?

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