Another US remake: this time its UK TV series Absolutely Fabulous

Not content with destroying classic television series like Australia’s Kath and Kim or the British Life on Mars, or even The Office, US TV execs have given the green light to an American version of Absolutely Fabulous, Variety is reporting.

Jennifer Saunders both wrote and starred in the original Absolutely Fabulous series and has somehow been conned into being an executive producer for the US version. Though with her on board the series might have half a chance of being a little funny.

The new “AbFab” as its known is based on the original, which centered around the drunken disasters of fashion publicist Edina and equally nutty but slightly more glamorous magazine editor Patsy, Edina’s sensible daughter Saffron and Edina’s mom.

“AbFab” ran for 36 episodes and was a massive hit in the UK, spawning a successful single and several catch phrases that joined common lexicon. It has developed a cult following in the US and is screened regularly on Comedy Central, PBS and Oxygen.

Like most remakes I suspect it won’t be absolutely fabulous.