ISIS Child Training Camps Brainwash Kids To Genocide: ‘We Are Going To Kill You O Infidel’

ISIS, also known as ISIL and Islamic State, is a dab hand when it comes to manipulating social media and using it to recruit would-be Jihadist fighters to join its ranks in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS is also very good at producing high-quality video clips which peddle Islamist propaganda, and end up influencing people to join the group, especially young people — even kids — who they groom and prime to assist them with their genocidal goals.

Some of the ISIS videos show special training camps for kids in Syria, with images of children assembling assault rifles and practicing military drills with loaded guns, while their Islamist instructor hails them as “the next generation” who will fulfill ISIS’s dream of world domination under the banner of Islam.

Abdullah, a 10-year-old ISIS recruit, talks in the disturbing clips of his own personal desire to kill “Infidels” (non-Muslims).

“I will be the one who slaughters you, O kuffar (infidel), I will be a mujahid (holy warrior) Inshallah (God-willing),” proclaims the boy proudly.

Another child soldier, whose name is not known, also exclaims in one of the clips, “We are going to kill you O infidel. God-willing we will slaughter you!”

Many new ISIS recruits are from European countries, having been encouraged to join ISIS, sometimes with their parents, in the Middle East.

In another part of one of the clips, an infant who appears no more than 3- or 4-years-old, struts around in military fatigues carrying a toy sub-machine gun.

ISIS has placed a considerable focus on providing “jihad” training for children in areas under its control, in Iraq as well as Syria, as the jihadi group seeks to build both a “perfect Islamic society” and an increasingly formidable army.

The U.S.-led coalition is reportedly bolstering its support for rebel forces fighting ISIS, as well as intensifying their air strike campaign against ISIS targets.

Here are few clips from YouTube, showing the abuse and brainwashing of children in ISIS training camps.