Got Over 2,000 Friends On Facebook? Then You Can Stay At This Luxury Hotel For Free

Good news! All of those friends on Facebook that’ve you’ve never met, spoken to, or just haven’t seen in a month of Sundays could finally come in handy.

How so? Well, one of Europe’s coolest hotels is offering anyone with more than 2,000 friends on Facebook the chance to stay in one of their rooms for up to seven nights free of charge. The luxury Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm usually charges up to $360 a night for its trendy rooms, but if you’ve got a heavyweight presence on social media, then you’re laughing all the way to the mini bar.

The Mirror reports that the Swedish hotel is now accepting a large social network presence as a form of currency in its own right. So if you’re a bit of a baller on Facebook, then you can get yourself down to Stockholm and have a right ball, free of charge.

Can you just imagine for a minute, an entire hotel full of people who are popular on Facebook? There’d be an awful lot of pictures taken, rumors circulating, and terrible jokes doing the rounds, that’s for sure.

Yet if you’re the social media equivalent of Billy-no-mates, there’s a whole host of other ways you can blag a free room at the “hotel social media.”

The company announced they will also dish out free rooms to anyone with over 100,000 followers on Instagram, or 100,000 likes on a public Facebook page. Additionally, they offer a competitive package of discounts and benefits to pretty much anyone who uses Facebook or Instagram. Here’s the lowdown.


100,000 fans = 100 % off
2,000 private friends = 100 % off
1,500 private friends = 15 % off
1,000 private friends = 10 % off
500 private friends = 5 % off


100,000 followers = 100 % off
15,000 followers = 15 % off
10,000 followers = 10 % off
5,000 followers = 5 % off

So what are you waiting for? Get social, and don’t forget to like the Inquisitr on Facebook before you pack.