Cyber Monday: All the Deals in One Place!

Now that we have the internet, the Black Friday phenomenon is so puzzling because we all know Cyber Monday exists.

If you’re one of the clever multitudes that avoided waffle maker riots on Thursday night slash Friday morning, you might be looking to kick off your Cyber Monday spending orgy after that 10 o’clock meeting. But like Black Friday before it, Cyber Monday has the distinction of being a bit of information overload for the person looking to buy all the things. Where are deals located, and will you get there early enough? Everyone knows retailers like to stock minimal amounts of doorbusters and leave the regular-priced stuff for everyone to quibble over as they get enveloped in a Cyber Monday deals frenzy.

Don’t panic! Luckily, being internet-based, it’s a bit easier to aggregate Cyber Monday deals together than it would be for actually physically going to stores themselves, and there are a few sites that will help you in your quest. First up is a year-round favorite, that is especially helpful in finding the best Cyber Monday deals- Retail Me Not. A first line of e-shopping defense on any day of the year, Retail Me Not showcases the most popular deals on the web and features coupon codes galore, as well as sale listings and printable coupons to cover those times you can’t get out of actually, physically putting down the Mountain Dew and heading out to the shops.

Another popular aggregator is, which deals specifically in Cyber Monday sales. Out of the big deal sites- Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penney, Hollister, et al- where do you plan to do your Cyber Monday shopping?