Watch Homeless Dog Get Amazing Makeover — That Gives Adorable Charlie Second Chance At Life

Charlie was a homeless dog who is homeless no more, and in fact, is alive today — all thanks to an amazing doggie makeover, which you can see in this heartwarming video, depicting Charlie’s inspiring transformation from scruffy stray, to sharp looking, lovable pet in just over two minutes, thanks to time lapse photography.

This little dog was rescued earlier this year from the side of the road in Los Angeles, California. As you’ll see, little Charlie was in sad shape. His fur was matted and knotted with burrs, which were not only painful for Charlie but also rendered him an unsightly mess.

Now, any young man would want to look as sharp as possible. But for dogs like Charlie, maintaining a neat, appealing appearance is especially important. Why? Because when Charlie was rescued, he was sent to a high-kill shelter, where most dogs don’t last more than a week unless someone adopts them.

High kill shelters euthanize more than 50 percent of the animals in their custody.

As you’ll see in this video, posted by The Pet Collective, a groomer from Hollywood Grooming came to the rescue of this homeless dog — and in two days after the makeover, Charlie had a home.

“Professional makeovers, whether for humans or dogs, are often dismissed as mere vanity or narcissism,” noted the blog Dogster. “But as Pet Collective videos show, they can be a very important part of caring for one’s physical or mental health.”

The Pet Collective maintains a YouTube channel with numerous amazing dog videos. In fact, the group says that in addition to Charlie, it has videos of four other dogs receiving makeovers in the same L.A. shelter — on the same day.

If you want to save a dog — or cat — from a high kill shelter, you can search the Petfinder site at this link. But not all high kill shelters list their animals on Petfinder, so consult the list of high kill shelters at this link to find one in your area.

The “Homeless Dog Makeover” video is so touching that it’s received more than 2 million views on YouTube. Spend two minutes with Charlie and you’ll easily see why.