Kim Kardashian Is The Butt Of Jennifer Aniston Joke, Becomes A Human Snow Blower

Kim Kardashian’s butt continues to be the talk of Hollywood, and it has even managed to capture the attention of a mega star who seems way too busy to keep up with the Kardashians and their bounteous badonkadonks.

The mega star in question is Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, and perhaps she had a good reason for recently taking a dig at Kim K. — she could be bitter and frustrated that she’s stuck being a D-lister on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Kim’s wildly successful, money-sucking mobile game. Or maybe Aniston brought up Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine photo shoot because she’s promoting her upcoming Oscar-bait movie Cake — talking about Kim’s shiny cakes is a pretty brilliant way to score a little free publicity.

During a recent interview with Extra, Jennifer Aniston reminded the world that she bared her backside for a magazine cover long before “belfies” (butt selfies) were a thing. In 1996, there wasn’t much of an internet for Aniston’s nude Rolling Stones cover to break.

Kim Kardashian Jennifer Aniston Covers

“I was an original, alright? Sorry Kim K.” Aniston joked. However, she pointed out that her Rolling Stones cover wasn’t in-your-face like Kim Kardashian’s glossy Paper magazine photos.

“That was just innocent. There’s nothing aggressive about that.”

Internet memes also didn’t exist 18 years ago, so the world missed out on getting to see Aniston’s butt photoshopped on Homer Simpson’s mouth.

The Horrible Bosses 2 actress isn’t the only celebrity with Kim Kardashian’s booty on the brain. According to the New York Daily News, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel came up with a great way for Buffalo, New York residents to battle Snowmaggedon — they just need an army of Kimmel’s nude Kim K. snowblowers. You can check out his invention’s icy diarrhea below, but be forewarned that things almost get X-rated when the Kardashian snow blower gets jammed.

Kim Kardashian’s glossy glutes are surprisingly versatile. Her butt isn’t just being used as a snow blower, a Christmas card and a table for a champagne glass — it’s also being used to teach kids SAT math. According to Mashable, SAT prep company Catalyst Prep is using one of Kim’s Paper magazine pictures to make math fun (parents will be relieved to know that the company chose Kim’s only rated PG photo). Catalyst tweeted a few of its geometry questions, and it’s safe to say that Kim K. probably won’t be able to figure out the perimeter of one of her booty’s eight congruent regions.

Is there anything Kim Kardashian’s butt can’t do? Maybe the reality show star’s resourceful rear will find a way for Jennifer Aniston fans to finally get that elusive Friends reunion.

[Image credits: Rolling Stone, Paper magazine, Just Jared, Instagram]